SteerMouse 4.2.6

Special driver for USB and Bluetooth mouse

You can customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed freely. SteerMouse supports USB and Bluetooth mice. It will even work with mice designed for Windows PCs.

You can customize your mouse freely even if there is no Macintosh's driver.

SteerMouse has convenient and unique functions that Apple's driver does not include.

SteerMouse makes the best use of the Mighty Mouse.

  • You can assign various functions, such as a shortcut keys and "snap to" cursor movement, which moves the cursor to the dialog box's default button, etc.

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  • You can customize the scroll ball.
  • You can adjust the cursor's speed and acceleration. (Apple's driver allows you to adjust only the cursor's acceleration)
  • You can customize Mighty Mouse in each application.

Experience the true ability of Mighty Mouse which Apple's driver does not support. You can adjust the cursor's speed and acceleration (Apple's driver allows you to adjust only the cursor's acceleration).

By adjusting both the speed and acceleration, you can customize the best setting that fits the movement of your own hand.

When a window or dialog box is activated, SteerMouse moves the cursor to a specific location on the screen: the default button; the cancel button; the close button; etc.

. . You never lose sight of the cursor's position, because the cursor does animated movement.

You can assign horizontal scrolling, a vertical scrolling or shortcut keys.

In addition, you can adjust the scrolling speed and acceleration. SteerMouse allows you to customize all buttons on any multi-button mouse, even if it has 8 or 12 buttons.

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SteerMouse 4.2.6